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At Utlperformance, we aim to prevent problems before they happen. We use the latest vehicle diagnostic technologies and the highest quality parts for servicing and repairs. No matter your need, we have the skills to do it right.

Duplicating Keys

Our key services offer a solution to a wide array of problems you may encounter with your vehicles lock/immobilizer. We offer replacement keys whether you have lost all keys or you just want a duplicate as well as erasing old non existent keys. We are able to gain entry to cut and program a new vehicle key to get your vehicle back on the road

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Fixing the Car


We started our Auto Repair Shop with one goal in mind—delivering outstanding repair services to the people who need it most. From simple diagnostics to complex work, our team of professionals will review your vehicle in order to pinpoint problems and get you safely back on the road. We guarantee transparency throughout the process and provide top-quality work to keep your vehicle on the road.
We offer an extensive coverage of services such as vehicle programming, vehicle immobilizers, vehicle tracking systems,  key programming, ecu cloning, abs coding, vehicle remaps, Mileage calibration, airbag module reset, general diagnostics, coding out options, EGR and DPF removal, immobilizers, vehicle tracking devices, cameras and a whole lot more. We are able to offer these services at our premises or we can come out to you.

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